TOCL (Serial)

The Only City Left

Allin Arcady is a young man fighting to survive in the depths of the planet-sized city known as Earth. In the far future, the City is falling apart and most humans are gone, but danger abounds. Allin wants to survive long enough to reach the Roof of the World and see the Sun at least once in his life. But as much as Allin runs, he cannot escape his own past, and the Sun has never seemed further away.

Inspired by webcomic creators who release entire graphic novels one page at a time, I decided to work on a novel in the same fashion, releasing 1,000 words at a time. The Only City Left, in its serialized form, is a science-fiction action adventure tale that ran from February 2012 to October 2013. It was influenced by such authors as Isaac Asimov, Michael Moorcock, H.P. Lovecraft and C.J. Cherryh, as well as other media like comic books and video games. (For more on its inception, see The Evolution of The Only City Left.)

I am currently in the process of rewriting The Only City Left in preparation for its release as a novel.

Table of Contents

Logo Credit:The TOCL logo is courtesy of Jande Rowe of the webcomic Aedre’s Firefly. If you haven’t already read AF, I encourage you to go check it out. Not only does Jande produce the comic, she reviews other long-form webcomics, gives tips and instructions on creating a comic, and is endlessly supportive of other creators. For a great review that will bring you up to speed on Aedre’s Firefly, check out this page at Webcomic Alliance.

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