False Negative kindle coverFalse Negative

This short story asks the question: What’s worse than spam flooding your inbox?

The answer? Spam flooding your body.

In the near future, you better make sure your biospam filter is up to date, because the price of a false negative could be higher than you can imagine.

This edition includes the author’s brainstorming and research notes, for a glimpse inside the writing process.


The Final Note: A Wuxia-Western Tale

Selene and Riley are out for revenge, but their best chance at it comes at Wah Rien’s Enchanted Tea Palace, where for one night only, no weapons are allowed.

That’s okay, though, because music can be a weapon too in this high-flying wuxia western tale.

If you enjoy westerns and wuxia movies (think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), this story is for you. On the other hand, if physics-defying feats of acrobatics aren’t your thing, you might want to look elsewhere.


protection packetProtection Packet

Kichiro Nakashima made one mistake. A big one. His Inagawa-kai bosses could have had him killed outright, but they dismissed him to civilian life instead, a fate no less perilous. Kichiro seeks the protection offered by a kami that inhabits an impossible computer, but will it be enough to save him?

This story is part of a shared world connected to the Tokyo Yakuza board game.


The Two-Faced Door: A Tale of the Only City Left

Allin Arcady is stuck in the depths of the planet-city called Earth, doing his best to climb through the many levels of the planet in order to see the Sun for once in his life. But when he ends up in a room with no exits, he’ll need to fight for his life against a two-faced door if he wants to break free of the room and continue on his journey.

This introductory tale leads directly into Allin Arcady’s adventures in the full-length novel, The Only City Left. (This story should be considered #0.9 in the series.)

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