Ebibliography: Frank Herbert

This is my master list of e-book availability for Frank Herbert’s works (current as of the beginning of 2015), as seen as a customer in the United States.

I’ll try to keep this list updated periodically, but if you notice anything missing or a broken link, please let me know.

I used this bibliography from Wikipedia to compile this list.

Dune Novels:

1. Dune
2. Dune Messiah
3. Children of Dune
4. God Emperor of Dune
5. Heretics of Dune
6. Chapterhouse: Dune

WorShip aka Pandora Novels: The first two books in the series have been released as e-books by Kevin Anderson’s WordFire Press. Note: Books 2-4 are co-authored with Bill Ransom.

1. Destination: Void
2. The Jesus Incident
3. The Lazarus Effect
4. The Ascension Factor
(Note: Books 2-4 are also sold in one volume as The Pandora Sequence.)

ConSentient Novels

1. Whipping Star
2. The Dosadi Experiment

Other novels:

The Dragon in the Sea
The Green Brain
The Eyes of Heisenberg
The Heaven Makers
The Santaroga Barrier
Soul Catcher
The Godmakers
Hellstrom’s Hive
Direct Descent
The White Plague
Man of Two Worlds (with Bill Herbert)
High-Opp (previously unpublished)
Angel’s Fall (previously unpublished)
A Game of Authors (previously unpublished)

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