Lego 60066: Swamp Police Starter Set

Psst, you may not know this, but I like Lego. I’m in the early stages of Lego addiction, and I’ll be posting on my blog whenever I have something Lego-related to share.


Lego has a new “swamp police” theme, which seems to involve lots of sets with the same few characters. Each set has a different vehicle or two, and a small building or two. I’ll admit not being that interested in the theme overall, but for anyone looking to build up their Lego collection, I highly recommend the Swamp Police Starter Set.

For $10 you get four minifigures (female and male police officers, two male criminals), which is a good deal in and of itself. One of the criminals comes with a nice orange-red beard, and both sets I’ve opened had an extra beard piece. Nice.

What else do you get? A pair of oars, fan and circular fan case, snake, spider, shovel, walkie-talkie, money, handcuffs, some foliage, and best of all, a really nice crocodile with opening jaw and swinging tail. And then there’s bricks to make a small hovercraft, a wooden raft, and small island money cache.


I bought three of these sets, partly to get three crocodiles for a Pitfall build I’m working on, but also because it’s hard to beat the price on this one in relation to the minifigures and other neat bits you get.

5 of 5 for price and usefulness.