Welcome! My name is Andy Goldman and I am the writer of The Only City Left trilogy: The Only City Left, The Fifth House, and The Roundabout.

The Only City Left begins as the story of Allin Arcady, an orphan who lives in the depths of the planet-encompassing city known as Earth. He strives to make his way up through the maze of the dilapidated, abandoned city in order to see the sun for once in his life.

I threw everything I love into this adventure: werewolves, ghosts, killer robots, cat cities, urban exploration and so much more. It was a blast to write and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

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  1. Galit Reply

    Omg, book 3 is out (WHAT?)
    How didn’t I knew that, when?
    I can’t wait to read it… I loved the 2 books so much <3

    • admin Reply

      Thank you. Yeah, I got it out finally! Maybe didn’t do so much marketing this time around, though. 🙂

      • Galit Reply

        Already got it from Amazon and will start reading it this week, Yay 😀
        I waited for this book for a long time, so happy it is out <3

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